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This drawing dives into an in depth analysis of one composition to produce five different drawings. The process of creating my forgery (top middle), collage (top right), tonal value (bottom left), line drawing (bottom middle), and figure ground (bottom right) allowed me to analyze a singular composition on a deeper level than I had ever done before. Prior to producing these drawings, I had only ever seen a painting or drawing through the eyes of a human, now I see art through the eyes of a creator. This assignment taught me that there are many levels to a singular drawing. (Competed November 2020)

Port Trireme is located on Mozia, a sacred and protected island with historical archeological sites located on the western coast of Sicily. The island is surrounded by shallow water lagoons which connect Mozia to the surrounding islands and the main land. Our project is inspired by an ancient typology of Phoenecian vessels. It is a camp designed for children ages 13 to 16 to learn the ancient art of boat-making. Campers live, work, and play on Mozia and explore the island and the surrounding lagoon using the boats they create. 


Our proposal aims to respect and acknowledge the sites rich history and culture as ancient archeological ruins by weaving into the sites fabric and around pre-existing landscape. Pathways weave into the framework of the main programmatic spaces fluidly in a way that blurs the boundary between building and pathway.

The project explores temporality through time designed for aging and with consideration to the evenual decay and overgrowth. The exploration of time connects the site back to the rich history of Mozia exploring how the building will one day become a ruin and showcase the growth of architecture over time. The structure is designed to become one with the earth and honor the past history of the island.

(Completed April 2023)

Located on Seneca Lake, NY my group members and I created a project different from anything I had ever created before. With the initial instructions of creating a micro-home, we explored what life would be like on the water. Accounting for the amount of rain and snow that NY experiences, a majority of the living space is fully enclosed. However we wanted to create an outdoor space that could also be habitable. We took advantage of the natural sunlight with expansive windows for natural heating and solar panels to collect solar energy. Additionally we researched various floating devices that would ensure our micro-home remained afloat, leading to research about longterm protection against the water. Overall we were able to successfully create a project that worked at a smaller scale than we were used to, and in a new environment than we had ever worked in before. (Completed December 2021)

Located at Hanover Square in Syracuse, NY, this project reached out of my creative boundary by working with new geometries. This pavilion project is one of the few projects I am extremely proud of as it challenged me technically and creatively. For this project I explored circles and curves, something I had not previously worked with. I wanted to create a project that was different from all my others, that stood out for the better. I was determined to work outside of what made me feel comfortable, as a result, I created a project that fit within the space but followed its own form. Additionally I went beyond what was asked of me, the physical model shown above was not part of the assignment, rather an optional additional element which I chose to do because it continued to push me out of my comfort zone. Not only am I proud of this project because of the deliverables I produced, but because of the journey it took me on. I pushed myself to work beyond what I was comfortable with and I went beyond what the assignment was asking which created additional work for myself. (Completed November 2020)