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Port Trireme is located on Mozia, a sacred and protected island with historical archeological sites located on the western coast of Sicily. The island is surrounded by shallow water lagoons which connect Mozia to the surrounding islands and the main land. Our project is inspired by an ancient typology of Phoenecian vessels. It is a camp designed for children ages 13 to 16 to learn the ancient art of boat-making. Campers live, work, and play on Mozia and explore the island and the surrounding lagoon using the boats they create.


Our proposal aims to respect and acknowledge the sites rich history and culture as ancient archeological ruins by weaving into the sites fabric and around pre-existing landscape. Pathways weave into the framework of the main programmatic spaces fluidly in a way that blurs the boundary between building and pathway.


The project explores temporality through time designed for aging and with consideration to the evenual decay and overgrowth. The exploration of time connects the site back to the rich history of Mozia exploring how the building will one day become a ruin and showcase the growth of architecture over time. The structure is designed to become one with the earth and honor the past history of the island.

Completed: Spring 2023

Professor: Olivia Gori

Project Group: Lucy Ziesing, Kalin McMahon, and Sarah Van Horne

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