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"Write a theoretical introduction to a catalog for an imaginary exhibition that you curate. Select a theme for your show, provide the conceptual, intellectual, theoretical and/or historical justification for it, and identify at least ten artifacts that you intend to exhibit: drawings, models, images, furniture, photographs, animations, etc. Your exhibit need not be about “buildings” could theorize new modes of fabrication, or theorize contemporary trends in representation, or theorize the spatial and bodily implications of recent political protests, or theorize the representation of a particular city or place or landscape, or theorize contemporary trends in art, sculpture, and installation, or you could theorize architectural and design-related issues related to gender, identity, and indigenous or situated knowledge, or you could theorize contemporary approaches to ornament, materiality, urban space, consumerism, or hyper-capitalism."

Completed: Spring 2022

Professor: Britt Eversole
TA: Sarah Hanna

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